The door couldn't be locked! Jennifer pleaded with Jack to tell her she was wrong and they weren't trapped in the stateroom of the ship at the mercy of murders and thugs! But Jack couldn't reassure Jennifer. She had exactly sized up the situation. Trying to calm Jennifer's fears, Jack assured her that he'd protect her. Nothing will happen to her as long as he's with her. After all, that's why he insisted on coming aboard for this spooky voyage. Distraught and frightened, Jennifer began to lose hope, and was overwhelmed by a sense of sadness. "What if this is our last night alive, and we never get another chance to tell each other how we truely feel?" Jack saw where this conversation was leading and did his best to avoid Jennifer's implied emotional entreaty. But Jennifer wouldn't be put off. The time for games was over. Jennifer admitted she let pride stand in the way of telling Jack how much she loved him. She even let herself think she could marry Emilio to make herself forget him. But that was impossible. She knew that now. Jennifer moved toward Jack pleading with him to admit what he felt for her. This may be the last chance they ever have to share the love they've both worked so hard to deny. Trembling with passion, Jennifer pressed her body next to Jack's and kissed him with a sense of longing and tenderness that broke down all his defenses. It was love. Jack and Jennifer could no longer pretend it didn't exist for them. Danger lurked in the dark corridor just outside their locked room, Jack and Jennifer clung to each other as if they might never see the light of day.
Could This Be Love?
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