We would like to commend the writers of DAYS OF OUR LIVES for finally producing a couple that is not only funny and interesting, but also promises to be the show's next super couple. The versatile acting of Matthew Ashford [Jack], combined with the sweet innocence of Melissa Brennan [Jennifer] make sparks fly, which is not something DAYS viewers often witness. Not since the days of Bo and Hope have we seen such chemistry between actors. At last, some comic relief has made its way into Salem. Emilio [Billy Hufsey] and Jennifer are completely and totally wrong for each other. As for Isabella [Staci Greason], she would be better off with Emilio than Jack. They at least have one thing in common - their hair! Although Jack's past has ruined his chances at several good relationships, we believe Jennifer is the one person who will help him look to the future instead of dwelling on his past. We sincerely hope that the writers of DAYS OF OUR LIVES can see what is so painfully obvious to us: Jack and Jennifer belong together.

D.B.F., Wycoff, NJ
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