Wild, wacky and wonderful all describe the highly-anticipated wedding of DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Rose Horton.

Initially, Jack and Jennifer were going to have an intimate ceremony with close family and friends in attendance. However, when the verdict from Lawrence's rape trial came out, Jack announced to Jennifer in front of the WATB news camera crew that she could invite whoemver she wanted to the wedding. And she did just that! Jennifer asked all of Salem to join them...and nearly 4,000 turned up for the ceremony at the Wild West Arena (the only place large enough to accommodate the guest list).

The problems didn't end there. Days before the ceremony, Jack developed a case of hysterical laryngitis, which cleared itself up in time for him to say his vows. However, in typical Jack fashion, he managed to get himself into trouble with a couple of tough hombres at the arena. A major scuffle ensued, with the entire wedding party, including Jennifer's grandmother Alice, getting involved in the melee. Jack ended up in the water trough, but Jennifer didn't care. Alll she wanted was to become his wife. After Jack dried off, he took his place by Jennifer's side and made Ms. Horton his beloved bride.

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