The moment fans have been waiting for - Jack and Jennifer's lovemaking- finally becomes a reality on the July 2 episode of Days Of Our Lives.
This week, the romantic action between the twosome keeps up after an explosion on the Loretta forces the pair to abandon ship. They make their way to a deserted island, where Jennifer, hurt in the blast, ends up unconscious and with severe injuries. As Jack (Matthew Ashford) tends to Jennifer's (Melissa Brennan) deeply gashed leg and tries to lower her high fever, his true feelings of love begin to surface. He carries her off to a cave and nurses her back to health.

Jennifer begins feeling better. A thrilled Jack however, is not so elated when he learns the only thing on Jennifer's mind is making love. At first, Jack resists temptation - frustrating both Jennifer and himself. Viewers are then treated to a hilarious fantasy in which Jack envisions himself as Tarzan and Jennifer as his Jane.

By the time his fantasy concludes, a vulnerable Jack is finally ready to succumb to Jennifer. When she professes her deep love for him, he finds within himself the courage to say, "I love you." back. Friday's (June 29) episode concludes with the pair kissing passionately. Monday the amorous couple makes love for the very first time.

Actress Melissa Brennan who portrays Jennifer shares her feelilngs on the loss of her character's virginity. "Jennifer's decision to have sex with Jack, just as her decision to wait until now, was made because she felt it was the right decision for her, not because of the opinions or pressures of others. Personally, under the circumstances, because her love for Jack is genuine and sincere, I agree with her decision."

Following the July 2 air show, a 30-second public service announcement will air featuring Brennan, Francis Reid (Alice), and Aimee Brooks (Sarah). The spot will encourage young women to think long and hard before considering a sexual relationship and not to be afraid of saying no to sex if they feel they are not truly ready. But if they do decide they are ready, the spot insists, they must make sure they act responsibly and take precautions.- Janet Di Lauro.

Jack & Jennifer Go Wild
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